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'The Cormorant and the Clam"

"The Saltwater Marsh, A Magical Place"

The Team: Consie and Nina Berghausen

Nina is currently a graphic design student in Los Angeles. She enjoys working at the the public library, playing tennis, and horseback riding. 

"A Shark! Named Jamison"

"The Sonoran Desert, A Magical Place"

​Consie splits her time between Tucson, AZ, and Chatham, MA. Her home in Chatham is on a saltwater marsh. It is her many years of watching wildlife out her back window that inspired her debut novel, The Saltwater Marsh, a Magical Place. She and Richer Press most recently teamed up to publish her next story set in Chatham, A Shark! Named Jamison.  A teacher and former therapist, Consie now enjoys writing about nature and wildlife. She plays the piano and a mean game of tennis.