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"These three books by Consie Berghausen and illustrated by her daughter, Nina, are treasures. The Cormorant and the Clam was based on a true story, and what a funny, engaging story it is! Ms. Berghausen's books are the type that adults will appreciate: literate, beautifully illustrated, and perfectly voiced for children of all ages. Reminded me of my favorite books growing up, the magical, timeless kind that still stick with me - The Giving Tree, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Adventures of Tom Kitten. Can't wait for the next Berghausen book!" -Cheryl

As stated by other reviewers, this book is a wonderful teaching tool! With the rhythmic writing style, little bits of science are sprinkled in and open up the possibility of more discussions with students. But beyond just the teaching possibilities, this really is a lovely and well-written book! I am immediately transported to the saltwater marsh with not only the writing, but with the incredibly well done and beautiful illustrations!  -Christine

"I read this book (and The Saltwater Marsh) to my grandchildren and they were captivated – they studied the lovely illustrations while entranced by the cadence of the poetry. Living on the east coast and having visited saltwater marshes several times, they recognized many of the birds and animals so beautifully drawn by Nina but, never having been to a desert, they were especially curious about the wildlife there. These two books, joining poetry and nature, are wonderful introductions to environmental science. I have a daughter who is an early childhood educator (as I was), and I have ordered copies of these books for her classroom."