As stated by other reviewers, this book is a wonderful teaching tool! With the rhythmic writing style, little bits of science are sprinkled in and open up the possibility of more discussions with students. But beyond just the teaching possibilities, this really is a lovely and well-written book! I am immediately transported to the saltwater marsh with not only the writing, but with the incredibly well done and beautiful illustrations!  -Christine

Another lovely read from the Berghausen ladies. It's refreshing to read a children's book that doesn't pander, and is educational without hitting you over the head. Again, Nina Berghausen's illustrations are lush with colors of the sea and the whimsical rhyming by Consie Berghausen hits a sweet spot. The inner child in me was satisfied at the end, after the sea critters' journey. I have bought other books by these authors as gifts from their Auntie, and they never disappoint. I like these two shark books as a set, and so do the kiddos.

Can't wait to share this magical story at bedtime in the Outerbanks with my niece's children! The Mermaid Seal will definitely entrance them as she walks through town eating sweets and hugging puppies. The illustrations are so vivid, I'm sure they will be looking for her on the beach. This rhyming story will most certainly spark the imagination of any child...and perhaps some adults too!

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Consie's children's books are fun and witty. My grandchildren love how her stories rhyme. The illustrations are lovely. Having been a school teacher, I appreciate that Consie uses real-life stories that teach about nature and our relationship to it and how we can be empathetic caretakers. -Sonja

Consie and Nina Berghausen are an incredibly talented mother-daughter duo who consistently produce imaginative and entertaining stories for children and lovers of the environment. Mermaid Seal doesn’t disappoint. This charming story brings back wonderful memories of my own childhood at the beach and I can’t wait to share it with my daughters. -Allison

"These three books by Consie Berghausen and illustrated by her daughter, Nina, are treasures. The Cormorant and the Clam was based on a true story, and what a funny, engaging story it is! Ms. Berghausen's books are the type that adults will appreciate: literate, beautifully illustrated, and perfectly voiced for children of all ages. Reminded me of my favorite books growing up, the magical, timeless kind that still stick with me - The Giving Tree, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Adventures of Tom Kitten. Can't wait for the next Berghausen book!" -Cheryl