Fun Fact:

The mockingbird is actually a diurnal (day-dwelling) creature. But, for one month a year, it sings through the night looking for a mate and drives this author CRAZY!

Suggested Questions for ‚ÄčThe Saltwater Marsh, A Magical Place

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More Marsh Fun: A Resource for the Curious Reader

  • Which animals have fur?  Feathers?  Shells?
  • How many birds did you see?
  • What kinds of birds are they?
  • Which animals seem like friends?
  • Which animals are not friends?
  • Who is out during the daytime? (Vocabulary word: Diurnal)
  • Who wakes up to play during the night? (Vocabulary word: Nocturnal)
  • Which of these animals do you see where you live?
  • What animals do you see outside that are not in this book?
  • Which animal is your favorite? Can you draw a picture of it?
  • Where do you find saltwater marshes?